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New Planning Laws Explained

Full planning applications will not be required as of today, to demolish and rebuild unused buildings for use as homes.

New laws were decided in Parliament on 21 July 2020, and will come into effect by September

The new rules will mean two main things for commercial to residential conversions:

1. Full planning applications will not be required to demolish and rebuild unused buildings as homes.

2. Commercial and retail properties can be quickly refurbished and altered to convert into residential use.

The new rules are also good news for creating additional residential space. A new fast track approval process, similar to the current prior approval notice, is coming into force in September.

The 'new' process will carefully consider the impact on neighbours and the appearance of the extension.

Homeowners will be able to add up to 2 additional storeys to their home. Either:

1. To create new homes, or

2. To create more living space

Under the new Planning Laws, What can be converted into flats:

  • Offices

  • Shops

  • Mixed Use Buildings

What cannot be converted without a planning application:

  • Pubs

  • libraries

  • village shops

  • Theatres

  • concert halls / Live music performance venues

Here at Kann | Architecture, we can assist you every step of the way to convert a house or office into flats under the new planning laws uk. It is a great way to increase the value of your property, and maximise the potential of a site.

We specialise in converting redundant office and warehouse buildings into flats

Whether you are a well-established property developer, or it's your first time investing in property development, Kann Architecture can assist you from start to finish.

Get in touch today.

Convert office of Warehouse into Residential
New Planning Law uk

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