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House Extension in Bath

Getting started on your house extension project can be a daunting process.

You might have great ideas, but lots of questions regarding the process; How do I secure planning permission? Do I even need planning permission? Do I need to hire a professional to help me?

Every project and every homeowner is different. The first thing to do is to write a brief for yourself to try and define exactly what it is you are hoping to achieve.

Ask yourself simple questions such as:

What am I actually trying to achieve? An extra bedroom, a larger kitchen, a more useable space etc.

What do I want it to feel like? Light, Functional, Modern, in-keeping, Spacious, Cosy etc

What is more important to YOU? Space creation or luxury finishes, External look or Interior feel, a natural connection or sleek urban design etc.

What am I prepared to spend? Honestly and openly work out what you would feel comfortable spending to achieve your ambitions, including savings / remortgaging etc

How much is a house extension is usually the first question that is asked, but this is the wrong approach to have. The real question is what do you want to achieve, then it is a question of how much can you afford to spend. There are ballpark figures out there on prices per square metre, however these are guides only. The absolute best way to be clear on how much you will spend is to have a clear brief, which will translate into clear proposals. If everything is worked out in advance, and there are no last-minute changes then you will be able to get a secure price from a local builder for the works.

Once you have a clear idea of what it is that you want, or at least what you think you want, then is the time to get in touch with a specialist. This can either be a local builder/contractor, an architectural technician, or a qualified Architect. Each are plausible and useful routes to follow, however it is important to know the difference between the options as there is generally a trade-off between cost and quality to consider.

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